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Amongst all the standard porn films out there are some genuinely weird and unusual offerings. We had a look around to find some of the strangest ones. These may feature unusual fetishes, bizarre titles or adult movies that are just plain funny.

Big and Busty Country Line Dancing
Yeeeeeehaaaah!! Yep, porn and line dancing have finally combined (we waited so long!) to produce this boot-scootin' sextravaganza. "Sit back and watch six beautiful BIG & BUSTY girls whoop it up doing country dancing that you won't see at your neighborhood country and western bar."
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Jack the Tickler
Yep, Jack wanders the night with his "feather of doom", waiting to unleash his tickling prowess on any woman who comes within tickling distance.

Plum's Juicy Bits #15 - WEIRD SEX
The got up to number 15 with these? "Two full hours of the strangest sex you've ever seen. You'll find out the true meaning of double penetration and hunger for more."

Johnny Toxic - CLOWN FUCKERS
This is a weird documentary style porn movie featuring the adventures of Putzo the Clown. Features women wearing clown makeup. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me.
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There's also a film called Clown Porn which is similar. Eeep.

Star Balls
Ah yes, the Star Wars parody. In anime, no less. Wank Solo scours the universe in search of sex. Yes, there's an Ass Star and yes, this movie includes the unforgettable slogan: "In space, no one can hear you cream."

Funny Boners #1
The first in a series, this movie has the interesting premise of acting out dirty jokes, and making sure the viewer sees plenty of hardcore sex before the punchline.
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Essentially a pornographic freak show movie. So it's got a hermaphrodite, a snake girl, an ejaculating tattooed lady and a contortionist. Sounds like fun, actually.

Q Balls
A special fetish movie for those who love the idea of bald women. This film features sexy hotties having their heads shaved and then - predictably - they have sex.

Porn's Most Outrageous Outtakes
A selection of boob bloopers and money shot mistakes. "From the agonizing meltdowns to the embarrassing moments the stars don't want you to see." Hand me a tissue, please.

The Worst Porn Actress In History
Starring the woman with one of the most bizarre porn names ever: Mocha Chocalatay ya-ya. Apparently this was her debut film and she wasn't very good in it, hence the name. Nonetheless, it seems she went on to appear in at least six other titles from Train Wreck films. Misleading title? Perhaps not.

Cooking With Pornstars
TV host Colin Malone quizzes porn stars Houston, Teri Weigel, Raylene and Chandler about their cooking techniques. Naturally, all cooking must be performed naked, and preferably with a dildo or Ron Jeremy handy.

Porn Stars From Mars
Martians land on Earth and, predictably, want to have a lot of sex. This movie features women painted green wearing purple wigs. And Ron Jeremy. What's not to like?

The Amazing Pussy Returns
The woman in this film is obviously the sort of chick you want to have at parties, because she can do some impressive things with her pussy - sucking up liquid through straws, shooting hoops, blowing up balloons, invading Iraq. Oh, and then there's some sex, apparently.

Pedal Pumping
There's foot fetishists, and then there's really specific foot fetishists who like nothing better than to watch a woman's foot pumping the gas pedal in a car.

Edward PenishandsEdward Penishands
What list of strange sex movies would be complete without this infamous classic? It was a huge best seller in 1991 and always appears on "porn parody" lists. The version I'm linking to has been re-released with the Alexandria Quinn scene (Quinn was not 18 at the time and used a fake ID to appear in the film. It subsequently caused a bit of a scandal and made obtaining the film difficult for a while.) The film is about a shy deformed outcast with penises for hands.
Apparently Johnny Depp himself has described the movie as "hilarious... I recommend it!"
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Massage with a Stump
This video features LBE amputee Rosemary playing a slave of her boyfriend. She arrives on crutches and takes off her clothes - only black lingerie may remain. Her friend licks whipped cream from her large breasts, excited with stump. Next she masturbates on the bed with stump. Her tits are in strict bondage now. She excites her boyfriend by massaging his penis with stump. After making love on the bed, she performs a long oral act, giving her stump an extra role. The horny boyfriend pumps her hard again, ending in a noisy orgasm. Rosemary puts on some clothes and leaves on crutches.

Crazy Sex Positions
Check out some of the most amazing sexual positions ever seen! DP’s, Upside Down, Downside Up, Over Leg, Pussy Lap and more! Caution: Do not try this at home!
A collection of everything you’ve ever wanted to see captured on video! 4 hour compilation.

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