Quirky Sex Guide - Fetishes and Quirky Sexual Practices

A quick-and-easy guide to some quirky sexual practices and fetishes.

Amputees and Amputation
Amputee fetishists are turned on by partners who are missing a limb, or have had various body parts amputated. The medical name for this is acrotomophilia. A similar and altogether more dangerous fetish is apotemnophilia, which is arousal caused by self-amputation.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation
This involves choking or suffocating oneself in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Most often performed during masturbation, however it can be part of sexual play between lovers. This fetish became well known after INXS singer Michael Hutchence died in circumstances which suggested he had been taking part in this activity, officially called asphyxiophilia. The coroner, however, ruled he had committed suicide.

Also known as auxilliary intercourse, bagpiping involves rubbing the penis back and forth in the armpit.

Balloons and Inflatables
"Looners" enjoy the feel of rubber, and enjoy blowing up and popping balloons and other inflatable objects. Women may insert long thin balloons into their vaginas and then pop them.
Ballon Adult Site: Balloon Erotica

Bondage and Discipline, Sado-Masochism, Female Domination (Femdom)
All these fetishes involve power plays, dominance and submission, and - often - pain. People who enjoy bondage are aroused by being tied up, either by ropes or leather. This is usually accompanied by the "discipline" part, where lovers play at being either master or slave, "top" or "bottom". Sado-Masochism can also be a part of bondage and discipline. In this role play humiliation and safe forms of sexual torture are used to induce orgasm. Sadists gain pleasure from inflicting pain, masochists from receiving it. Female Domination is a common aspect of the BDSM scene; this is where a woman is in control, and may inflict pain on her lover. See also spanking, forced feminization.

Blood play and Vampirism
Blood fetishists are aroused by the sight of blood, and may cut themselves or a partner during sex. Sexual vampires may be turned on by tasting or drinking this blood. Blood play can also involve scratching, abrasion, piercing and even leeches. It is something of a dangerous fetish; not only is there the danger of physical harm and blood loss, there is also the threat of contracting HIV through unsafe practices involving blood. Blood play enthusiasts have to be scrupulously careful when practising their fetish. More info at Iron Rose

Clown fetishists enjoy looking at naked people with clown makeup, or they like to have sex with those dressed as clowns.
Clown Fetish Sites: Ouchy the Clown - a clown Domme AND DJ. Porn Clown Posse

Exhibitionism and Flashing
This may involve being naked in public, being sexually aroused in public, or having sex in public places. Others are aroused by exhibitionists - watching others be nude in public. Exhibitionism has long been frowned upon and is often a criminal act, however in some cases the intent behind the nudity can make all the difference. In recent times, porn has embraced the idea of public flashing by women at parties and celebrations such as Mardi Gras.

Fisting involves inserting the entire hand into the vagina or anus. In the US, strange obscenity laws forbid porn creators to film fisting using the thumb, however four fingers is OK.

Food Play and Sploshing
Arousal resulting from being covered with food such as Baked Beans or cream. A less extreme version of this involves using food as a sex toy, or eating things off a lover's body.
Food Adult Site: Food Fetishes

Foot Fetish
These people are turned on by looking at or feeling a lover's feet, ankles and toes. Foot fetishists may enjoy being stimulated by their lover's feet rather than by their hands.

Forced Feminization
A male fetish, this involves being forced to dress in overly feminine clothes and wear makeup. This usually occurs under the control of a dominatrix. This fetish puts the man in touch with his female side in a way which may ordinarily be unavailable to him. See also BDSM

Hypnosis and Trance
Hynosis fetishists are turned on by being hypnotised, or hypnotising another person. Once in a trance, the person involved is induced to perform sexual acts. The appeal here is having control over another person, or losing control.
Hypnosis site: Deep Trances

Involves wearing diapers (nappies), sucking dummies, drinking from bottles, and generally pretending to be a baby. Usually requires a lover to play "parent" who caters to the "baby". Wetting the diaper is often part of the fetish. More info at Understanding Infantilism

Panties and Pantyhose
Some people get turned on by the sight of a woman's panties, or even the smell of them. Pantihose fetish is similar, although this fetish often requires ripping open of the pantihose.

Plushies and Furries
Plushies are sexually aroused by plush toys. They may use the toys as a sex object, or invest them with the personality of a real-life lover. Furries are those who are aroused by being dressed up in animal costumes. More info at alt.sex.plushies and Pleasures of the Fur

Rubber and Latex
Rubber fetishists enjoy the feel of rubber on their skin, and subsequently wear rubber or latex clothing to enhance arousal.
Rubber Adult Site: Latexxx Girls

Capnolagnia is the official term for gaining pleasure through watching other's smoke. Advertisements for smoking have long associated cigarette use with sexiness. Smoking fetishists take this one step further.
Smoking Adult Site: Sexy Smoking

Spanking and Corporal Punishment
Spanking is similar to BDSM, in that there's pain involved. In this, however, the fetish is entirely focused on the idea of being spanked or whipped, preferably on the buttocks.

Trampling and Crushing
Trampling enthusiasts enjoy being stood on, preferably by heavy people, or by women wearing high heels. Some enjoy having heavy weights placed on them. Trampling fetishists become aroused by the sensation of being squashed. Crushing involves people stepping on insects, rodents, food or other people. This has been condemned by many as a cruel practice because it often involves animals.

Watersports and Scat
These fetishists are turned on by bodily excretions - urination and defecation. Some people like to do it on others, some like to be the "receivers". Still others are aroused simply by watching another person urinate or defecate.

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