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Kinky and strange porn sites catering to bizarre or unusual fetishes

There's so much sensuality when beautiful women have really long hair!
Long Hair Babes is jam packed with sexy long haired women!

What's In The Quirky Category:

This page features porn sites that are generally unusual or bizarre, catering to fetishes and tastes that aren't common within the wider landscape of porn. Some of these sites are run by avid fans or individuals with a specific taste in their particular kink. We've tried to feature the best quality bizarre sites for your viewing pleasure.

Premium Sites:

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Adult DVDs of Interest:

The Contortionista: Backwards-bending porn from Skeeter Kerkove (and you know you can always trust a man named "Skeeter").
Kinky Sex: A big-budget Simon Wolf film promising a "forbidden realm of scorching sexuality."
Tickled Pink: An all-girl tickle-fest starring Brittany Sky.
Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers: With that title, it doesn't need a description.
Carnival: If the words "freak show" appeal, this may be right up your sideshow alley.
Best of Both Worlds 2: Yep, it's a hermaphrodite movie AND it's a sequel.

This great site full of men and women laughing and cumming as they are tickled and pleasured without mercy.
Tickle Horror gives you hot, ticklish fun!


Recommended Sites

Beautiful Agony

This is one of tne of the quirkiest porn sites around, yet it is also extraordinarily erotic. Beautiful Agony features amateur men and women having orgasms - but you can only see their faces when they cum.

The site now has over 600 videos, all sent in by eager contributors, happy to share their orgasmic faces with the world. Some even film "confession" videos discussing their orgasms and what they like.

It's very unique, and very hot!
Visit Beautiful Agony and watch free sample videos.

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