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Cum Covered Glasses

Joe travels, meets hot chicks with glasses and fucks them.
Cum Covered Glasses is a huge video site featuring hundreds of exclusive cumshot movies.
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What's In The Glasses and Nerd Porn Category:

This page offers links to premium and free porn sites featuring naked women wearing glasses, as well as nerdy, geek girls who get nude. Quirky Sex especially aims to recommend sites featuring real amateur nerds who offer an authentic personal experience. We like smart indie chicks who get nekkid! Of course, if you're just after pics of cum spattered on women wearing spectacles... they're here too. Enjoy.

Premium Sites:

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Some Quickie Galleries of Girls in Glasses and Nerds:

Glasses and Lingerie - Audrey's husband catches her waking up
Socks and Glasses - Audrey wears red toe-socks, and not much else
Jessica's Appointment - Blonde babe with glasses visits the gynecologist.
Sex Ed Student (Movie clips) - Needs help with a project on positions
Anna in Star Trek Uniform - Stardate: Nerd gets naked
Playing Pacman - Anna jerks her joystick for you
Deija and the Mirror - She wears fly-eyes and shows off her bubble butt
Sexy Nerd - Deija looks very innocent in these photos

Free Site Links:

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Adult DVDs of Interest:

Nerdz: A porn comedy that pays tribute to 80s movies like Porky's and Revenge of the Nerds. Naturally it's about three dorky guys on a mission to get laid... You can guess the rest.
Specs Appeal Series - Now up to number 21. Gonzo porn featuring pretty girls in glasses, lots of hardcore and cum-spattered specs.

Nakkid Nerds features geek girrls getting frisky

Cyberpunk Cloei invites you to check out her special brand of porn.
Nakkid Nerds is your one stop shop for naked nerdy chix, and geeky girls getting frisky!
NakkidNerds - smart amateur babes that take no prisoners


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Adorable Audrey - nerd girl who wears glasses and gets nekkid

Adorable Audrey

Amateur nerd chick Audrey runs her own site and loves what she does. There's plenty of live shows, videos, galleries and personal stories to choose from and it's all unique and very intimate. Audrey updates her site every day and you can see the lastest features on the tour.

It's nice to see an authentic amateur who realy enjoys her work.

If you love naked nerds, check out Audrey's hot site.

Nerd Pr0n

Anna is not your average amateur porn star. She's a philosophy student who loves reading comic books, gaming and messing with Linux. She's also very cute and looks gorgeous naked. In short, she's the hottest naked nerd on the internet!

Find out more about nerdy Anna here.

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