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What the hell is a clit vacuumer?
You'll only find out at this site - see every kind of weird fucking machine there is!
Fucking Robots makes engineering fun!

What's In The Fucking Machines Category:

Fucking machines are every male geek's dream - an automated device designed to fuck women. Fucking machines can also be referred to as robot porn or robot sex. These are special devices, often invented by horny fans, whose main purpose is to pump a fake cock in and out, although there are some licking machines as well.
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Premium Sites:

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Adult DVDs of Interest:

Sex Machines 10: Apparently "mad scientists" created the machines behind this hot vid from Home Grown Video, the latest in a long series
Wild Fuck Toys: The DVD from the site with more hot machine action

Horny babes spread wide for a variety of hardcore fuck machines including the Thrillhammer and Sybian. Heaps of high quality movies here PLUS you get instant free access to 18 other sites!
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Recommended Sites

Fucking Machines

This was the original fucking machine site and it's still going strong after 6 years. It's got a huge amount of photo and video content and plenty of very good looking models willing to have a go on the machines.

Many of the contraptions have been designed by fans and they have amusing names like The Frankenwand and the Bunny Fucker. What I really like about this site is the focus on getting the girls off. These guys really want to see the models cum.

There's over 57,000 photos, 6300 video clips and thousands of satisfied members.

Check out all the hot sample pics and vids at Fucking Machines.

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