Fighting For The Right To Be Topfree

The Topfree Equal Rights Association is a group of people fighting for a woman’s right to not wear tops in public.

Initially this sounds like a joke, like some kind of smutty schoolboy idea, but they’re actually dead serious. And when you start to read about the issue, it starts to make a lot of sense.

A couple of quotes from the site:

If men (and any woman or gay man will testify that men’s chests can be “sexually alluring,” depending entirely on who the man is) are allowed to strip to the waist, women should be too. The fact that we aren’t is a purely cultural issue, not a sexual one—labelling flesh as “sexual” or “non-sexual” depending on the gender of its owner is nonsensical.

I like this one:

“This is a rebellion against a woman’s body being considered everywhere and always a sex object. As women we want the right for ourselves to decide when our breasts are sexual. That isn’t going to be in a swimming facility, and therefore they must not have to be covered. We want permission to bathe topfree, as men do.”

Makes me want to get my top off and man the barricades.