Wolf Whistles Actually Worked

A woman in New Zealand caught everyone out the other day when she stripped off her clothes in response to wolf whistles from men on a road repair site.

City News reports that an Israeli tourist was so sick of being harrassed with whistles every time she went by that she decided to “show them what I’ve got.”

While withdrawing money from an ATM, she stripped naked and presented herself to them. Then she calmly took her cash, got dressed and strolled off. The men were stunned into silence.

The police took her in for a little chat. She explained her position and no charges were laid. The wolf whistles have stopped.

What’s interesting about this is that this woman’s strange logic has done the trick. She’s laid the sexism of these men bare. She’s just turned around and made them take a bit of a look at themselves and hopefully made them a bit ashamed.

Still, I doubt that this is going to become the female defence of choice against on-the-street sexual harrassment.