The Pogo Stick With A Dick

Pogo stick with a dickSo… someone sat down one day and said “Hey… pogo sticks are fun, but I think they’re missing a vital sexual element. Indeed, nothing says sexy like a pogo stick with a dick”

And thus the Fantasy Glide was born.

Well, that’s probably not really how it happened but who cares. The Fantasy Glide is one helluva weird sex toy but it’s also kinda fun.

The official blurb says:

The user simply ‘pogos’ up and down on the pole’s handle to achieve vaginal, or anal, penetration and stimulation.

The FantasyGlide is not a modified toy. Taking over two years to design and perfect, it meets the standards of a highly refined instrument, using aircraft parts, super-durable and unbreakable nylon, and anodized aluminum that meets the demanding requirements of the medical community. For instance, numerous springs were tested during development to achieve the proper balance between ease-of-use and penetration capability.

Available from JT Stockroom.