The Man With Two Penises

A man with two penisesA 24 year old Indian man named Sanjay has made headlines by booking in to have his extra penis removed.

According to reports on Yahoo and the Times of India, the man has an extremely rare case of diphallus, the scientific name for two dicks. Often the second penis is “rudimentary” but Sanjay has scored the jackpot because both organs function perfectly normally.

Sanjay has lived with the condition all his life, but has decided to have the spare cock removed due to his impending marriage.

The Co-Ed Magazine has published an article musing on the possibilities of two dicks. So we can now ponder on this rather interesting idea:

Think of the second penis as a spare tire: once the first one is spent, you roll the other one into action, so to speak.

and this:

I am thinking that stimulating one gets them both going, which could get really messy. Imagine when the man finishes during sex and his “spare” is aimed to the left: that could leave a messy curtain/chair/bookshelf to clean up later. And you know that such a “blessed” man would never get over there and clean it himself.

Two penises is something of a porn fantasy scenario, as proven by the photo used in this post. It’s from a weird pic set I have featuring a guy who is supposed to have two cocks. Of course, he’s got some suspiciously thick pubic hair and his hand is always in the way… but the fake dick in question does look surprisingly lifelike.

Meanwhile, in other double-sex-organ news, a woman with two vaginas has started a blog detailing her life. I’ve previously linked to Ms Naughty’s post about two vaginas and the Esquire interview so this is an interesting development.

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